7 Awesome Perks of Marrying Your Opposite

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Dating your complete opposite

Some will accept the fact, and others will deny it claiming that there is “nothing to talk about” or that “there’s no way it would last”. The truth is, well in my opinion, dating your clone would be flat out boring. So instead of looking for that perfect boy that will complete your checklist, step out of the box and look for maybe something completely opposite.

To convince you more, I made a list onto why you should ditch similarities and find your opposite. You learn a lot about yourself. Dating someone who is completely different then you, gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about yourself both good and bad , and helps you understand your true colors.

The person was an ENFP (an Extraverted, flexible green), dating an ISTJ (an how to make a relationship work between two opposite personality types. him partnering with you because his input helps you built to a more complete solution​.

Opposites attract, but do they last? Some might tell you that you have to share numerous interests to have a happy relationship. Instead of freaking out because the love of your life is your polar opposite, just figure out what you need to do to make things work between you. Every couple disagrees sometimes, but opposites tend to disagree more.

You could fight it out or just accept that you have differing opinions. Compromise the hell out of everything. It usually takes more compromise than usual in this situation. Be open to trying new things. I get it, he loves Nirvana and you love Taylor Swift. You can still talk about them to each other. When your interests are different, you always something new to talk about.

Find a small piece of common ground. It could be a favorite band, TV show, place to eat or hobby. My best advice is to find something as a couple that blends your interests together.

When You’re in Love With Your Political Opposite

We are drawn to people who counter our weaknesses with their strengths, whose personalities complement ours in the best of ways. The things that attract us in the beginning can annoy us as time wears on. Different priorities, interests, hobbies and habits force us to navigate the choppy waters of relationship conflict.

No two people could be more opposite, but God has proven that He is able to unite us where personality and interests fail to do so. If you’re dating your opposite or.

We use Cookies. By using this website you accept our Terms and Privacy Policy. In every healthy relationship, compromise features heavily. In a relationship with your total opposite, you will need to be truly great at relationship compromise. Compromise can be something as small as doing a meal plan that suits both of your, to massive life decisions such as buying a house together.

Communication, setting boundaries and compromise all go hand in hand here. There are bound to be disagreements in a total opposite relationship. When something comes up you will need to communicate clearly and effectively with each other. You will need to focus on your communication skills, say what you wish to say and focus on finding a middle ground between you and your partner. Invest in your partner’s hobbies and interests. If you are going to be in a relationship with your total opposite you will need to get involved in their interests as well.

5 Things to Know About Dating Your Opposite

My boyfriend and I have been in a committed relationship for 4 years now. He needs to be left alone when we argue — no talk, no contact, just some space and time to cool down. He knows how to carry himself in social settings, regardless of the company.

You might view choosing your total opposite as a huge risk because you’ve never tried Sure, it may seem easier to date someone that’s more your type, but it’s totally 8 Ways to “Make it Work” When You and Your S.O. are Polar Opposites.

Getty Images. Marie Claire is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. Carl Jung called it the Electra complex — a latent desire to kill our mothers and possess our fathers — declaring it a stage of development every girl goes through between three and six years old. Basically, the interactions we have with our fathers as young girls are our earliest opportunity to practise communication with the opposite sex.

Previous studies have shown that women use their primary father figure as a template for picking a mate even if they are adopted, suggesting that sexual imprinting is led by experience and not simply genetic. But it turned out these men were also dishonest and distant, just as her father had been. How much money they had in their bank accounts was just a distraction.

My ex is dating someone opposite of me

Yet, one tends to wonder why. There is research galore on the topic, but we deconstruct the idea in simpler a way, and tell you why you should date someone who is your opposite. When you both like different things, and you have strong opinions and beliefs, you will talk your partner into thinking about the very topics.

You may be totally attracted to a person who’s the opposite of your qualities and you can do to make your relationship work despite being polar opposites are.

When Alex and I first started dating , my friend Randy pointed something out…. He was right. Before Alex, I had dated guys who were like me — energetic, outgoing, anxious. As we fell in love, got married and had kids, that balance has been key. For example, I plan our dates and family adventures, and he calms me down when I have my 11 p.

What about you? Similar couples can work really well, too, of course. Years ago, before their wedding in Vermont, my friends Abbey and Tim met with a minister. My friend A.

How to Make a Relationship Work When You are Opposites

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Generally speaking, I’m opposed to friendships that are opposite-sex exact things together with your opposite-sex buddies, but we must.

You’ll date a lot of people throughout your life. And who knows? Perhaps your partner will confront you with an idea you completely disagree with, which will then allow you to strengthen what you already believe in. Polar opposites tend to communicate differently, so it’s important you guys have top-notch communication skills and work on strengthening them throughout the course of your relationship. Are you a little more direct with your feelings, or are you a bit more reserved? And then, you can take these skills to other relationships in your life.

If there’s one realistic thing we can take from the manic pixie dream girl trope , it’s that sometimes you need someone who is your total opposite to get you out of your shell. Sympathy is an important quality. Say you’re a city girl who’s dating a farm boy, or an atheist who’s dating a Christian. You’ll become a well-rounded individual whose ability to sympathize will know no bounds.

11 Tips For Dating Your Total Opposite

What is it about our polar opposites that can be so irresistibly attractive? Why does it seem so often the laid-back, mellow guy goes for the loud, extroverted social butterfly? Right or wrong, some of us cannot seem to help ourselves! Have you always lacked that risk-taking, adventurous gene?

As long as I’ve been interested in dating, I’ve heard, find someone your polar opposite. The rule of attraction has always been that opposites attract. If you find​.

After every breakup I’ve gone through, the most common comment my friends make—aside from the loyal bestie statement that they never liked him to begin with—is that I had nothing of real substance in common with these boys: “You can’t have a relationship based solely on the fact that you both like staying at nice hotels. I’m a pop culture—obsessed, sports-loving book nerd who happens to adore New York City nightlife. But I tend to fall for homebodies who couldn’t care less about the newest speakeasy opening in the Lower East Side and haven’t picked up a novel since it was required in high school.

I’m also not very religious and am admittedly frivolous with my money, while the boys I’ve dated come from different but strong religious backgrounds and are quite frugal. Maybe it’s my competitive nature to overcome any obstacle thrown at me, but the hopeless romantic in me cannot stop believing my soul mate will be someone who is nothing like me. We all know—and most likely loathe—this popular theory on love that has been hammered into our hearts since our first rom-com.

The princess falling for the commoner. The dumb jock falling for the quiet nerd. The player falling for the committed good girl.

George Costanza Does The Opposite

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