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How a tiny tick changed her life forever. By Anoush Gomes. Lyme disease affects thousands and is spread from the unnoticeable bite from a tick. For a few years now, celebrities that have to suffer the debilitating symptoms of the disease have gone public about their diagnosis bringing in the awareness that has been much needed. Celebrities such as Yolanda Hadid, Kelly Osburne, Shania Twain and Justin Bieber have all suffered the symptoms of the illness that is usually invisible. Amy Tan, a novelist, is one among those who went undiagnosed for years and has been vocal about her experience. I had a brief bout of the ‘summertime flu. Keep reading. After going through planning a wedding and all of the stress that comes with it, learning that you need to postpone your wedding can come with a lot of emotions.

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NewTumbl under construction. Pillowfort under construction. I feel really grateful for the friends that have made pieces of my redesigns, it really warms my heart! Spirits of the light! Wielders of the great power that shines far and wide upon the lands of our world… In my hour of need, grant me the light to banish evil! She did the wonderful coloring, I did the lineart.

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Watching him speak so emotionally about the film and his struggles with depression, I was instantly attracted to him. What can I say? He had kind eyes. At the time, I never thought I would meet anyone like him in real life. And then I met Kyle, and it was easy. It only took two video platforms, one social media site, one blogging site, one dating app, a podcast app, and, finally, iMessage.

Lesbian Video Game: ‘A Summer’s End – Hong Kong 1986′ Releases on April 23

And they were the most peaceful, too. Thank you all so much! Tags: kaiserreich edelweiss dev diary dating sim visual novel. Originally posted by iavenjqasdf.

And now, we’re getting married. It only took two video platforms, one social media site, one blogging site, one dating app, a podcast app, and.

Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be. Tumblr appears to have a younger user demographic in comparison with other social networks. To register for a Tumblr blog, you must be over thirteen years of age. The Tumblr ethos is to encourage users to create their own content and to interact with other like-minded souls. Teens are embracing it; they use it to follow their interests and express themselves. Tumblr users will tell you, it allows for more creative expression than the other big social networking sites.

Basically, young people create a web page that is a collection of all the things they like.


Why are we so quick to blame ourselves when things go wrong? How do we commit to finding happiness with our whole heart? How miscommunication can make you miss communication! What do we do when the person we are dating treats us badly? What do we do when someone makes us feel off balance? Why do we shut those we love out?

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With cuffing season just around the corner and Libra and Scorpio seasons in full swing, romance is in the air. Along with that, though, come rigid sexual norms, too many atrocious Tinder dates , and having to deal with our exes and exes of exes, and so on. Are these just the things that we, as young people still understanding our own sexualities, have to go through? In 8th grade, I remember desperately wanting a Tumblr girlfriend.

For the first time in my life, I had contemplated the fact that I might be into girls, thanks to the albeit embarrassing Glee fandom I was very much a part of. I had followed several out and proud lesbians who were also obsessed with Glee, and even found myself befriending other queer or questioning girls on the website, who I sometimes favored over my real-life friends.

I began to see some of my mutuals initiate relationships through the website, some of which were far from actual dating, but others that were extremely successful. I remember coming out through a Tumblr text post as pansexual which has shifted to bisexual to now lesbian because I had a major crush on a Tumblr-famous girl who sadly never followed me back.

After months of wanting an online GF and never getting one, I stopped using the site as obsessively as I used to, but also snuck back into my cave of heterosexuality for the next four years.

The Witch’s House: The Diary of Ellen

I make my own deodorant, face and body oils, toothpaste, masks, moisturizer, shampoo, sunscreen, perfume, conditioner, styling spray, make up remover and have even dabbled in crafting my own make up from scratch on occasion. The reason for this is that my skin and hair are in pretty good shape when l leave them alone alone. The trouble starts whenever I decide to put commercial products on them. I had all but given up on soap specifically. After a week I was in love with what it did for my skin, so I got daring and tried it as a shampoo as well why not.

After scrubbing and rinsing I was happy to report that for My hair type it not only left my hair clean, but manageable with a little extra body.

Tumblr Inc. Logo Circa Circa is a mobile news app that provides users with up-​to-date news David Karp is the Founder & CEO at Tumblr Inc.. New York Times (NYT) — The Work Diary of the Genius of Jam, Sqirl’s Jessica Koslow.

Did anything interesting happen? Truthfully, I am quite nervous. However, I know that when an opportunity scares me, I must go for it. No matter what the outcome, it will certainly be an interesting experience. Hopefully we can have some fun along the way, too. Did you learn anything new about Timothy?

Diary of a ‘muggle IT’ guy working at Hogwarts is magical pun perfection

As a year-old university student, Rupi wrote, illustrated, and self-published her first collection, milk and honey. Read about Rupi. Her work touches on love, loss, trauma, healing, feminism, and migration.

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I was messaging this guy two weeks ago and we kept having time conflicts for a week. I messaged him again recently and he drops this:. Honestly, a slick deal for someone new in the city. Met on Sunday over some lunch and we talked about online dating and the struggles from both sides. He was a pretty chill guy but even if he was single, I think I still would have wanted to be friends. He walked me back to my place and we added one another on Facebook for group hangouts some time.

We got a couple of drinks, talked about sci-fi books, debated about the best Zelda and overall had a really easy time connecting.

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The release date was announced in a launch trailer for the game, which also revealed the game’s steam page. A Summer’s End follows the story.

I had to take a mental health day yesterday after waking up to a panic attack. Was supposed to take it in June, studied up, and then got pushed to make room for social distancing in the testing center. Wish me luck. Figuring out whether to send kids back to school is a super complex problem with a lot of facets, which makes me think about patients in the ICU. One of the superstar residents I worked with taught me a simple way to handle super complex issues such as this:.

The answer is no. Our goal is not to kill them and that will supersede other goals. For example if an ICU patient needs both renal and cardiac attention: we can replace their kidneys but not their heart so cardiac attention goes first.

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